Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Stage 4: Lance gets Yellow Jersey after Posties Fly in the Rain | Hamilton Shows Character

The U.S. Postal Team, led by Lance Armstrong, won Stage 4, the team time trial (TTT), in the rain today in Northern France, recording the the third best ever average speed in a Tour de France team time trial at 53.71 kph (nearly 34 miles an hour).

This puts Lance Armstrong, who has been only seconds out of the lead thanks to his fast 2nd place showing in the Prologue, into the yellow jersey. Lance now leads the tour.

Team Phonak, led by American Tyler Hamilton, came in second in today's TTT, one minute 7 seconds back of U.S. Postal. Phonak finished with 5 riders, rather than a full team complement, after losing several riders to the fast pace mid-course.

Surprising and notable on the video feed was Tyler sitting up and making his team wait for the lost riders. This had a huge cost to him personally, perhaps as much as the minute he lost today. Tyler showed true leadership and one might hope his team members saw the sacrifice and appreciate it. Tyler will need them dearly in the coming weeks, if he is to have a chance for a podium.


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