Friday, July 09, 2004

Stage 6 Starts: Two Big Guns Retire and a Crash

Two great names in sprinting did not roll out with the peleton today: Petacchi and Cippolini, the dominant sprinters of current and past times. A bit suprising given they are in the middle of stages made for great sprinters, one might surmise they are retiring simply due to their lack of success. The tour has just begun and there are more sprints than mountains ahead.

Then, our first news is at Km 13, a crash. This one does take down Lance Armstrong and some of his Posties, but we understand he is back up with the peleton, and that no one is seriously injured.

The incident does remind one that anything can happen, and overall we have the impression today that all cyclists are mortal.

And, there is a breakway...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petacchi crashed in stage 5 and hurt his left shoulder. Cippolini's stage 3 crash re-opened an unhealed wound from his Giro fall--apparently it became infected and he was suffering from fever.

I'm more suprised by Brad McGee not making the time limit on stage 5. Looks like he trained too hard in anticipation of the mountains. Hopefully he can regain his Giro form before Athens.

7:53 AM  

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