Friday, July 09, 2004

Predicting Lance's Attacks - First Attack?

Is is enough to look at course profiles and rest days to predict Lance Armstrong's attacks? Stage 12 looks to me like it might be the first opportunity of interest. It looks like a dynometer and, lets face it, Lance is a strong efficient engine.

Stage 12 has a solid uphill profile, and two major climbs. Better yet, it ends still climbing at 1,700 meters, so there is no chance for the less goat-like peleton to regroup and catch-up. It would be hard for T-Mobile to pace Ullrich, he'll likely be on his own, mano-a-mano with Armstrong. And Lance will be able to pull away on the final climb.

Unless Mayo and the other goats are there as well.


Blogger Moishe said...

Excellent prediction!

So... what's gonna happen tomorrow? Armstrong definitely looked tired towards the end of the stage; maybe tomorrow's a chance for a younger rider (Mayo?) to step up?

3:17 PM  

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